Strengths in Relationships

What's up Kissable this weeks'e episode we spoke Mr. and Mrs. Tanksley, From That Chick Angel on YouTube.  Marcus and Angel gives us an inside look on married life.  They expound on what keeps them going and the reason why they their chemistry continues to build.

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Marcus and Angel Tanksley

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Are you stressed in your Relationship?

What is up Kissables!  On this week's episode we discuss relationship stressors. How to recognize positive and negative stressors.  Examples of what they could be and how to deal with them in your relationship.  Our special guest is Dr. Tasha Russel, she is a Drive by Therapist that services the community.  

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Drive by Therapist, Doctora Tasha


What's up Kissables!! Our guest Madam B discuss different and unique types of aphrodisiacs.  She talks about a unique drink that is sure to give you more than a rise in temperature.  She does not only talk about certain foods or fruit that can aide your libido, but herbs  can an also give the same affect.  She even share a sexy dessert that has layers of flavor and can become your favorite when wanting to get in the mood.  Share your experience of cooking together in the kitchen.  Add a picture or two show how you and your boo put it down in the kitchen on the The Kissable Night Facebook page.

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Chef Madam B

Keeping It Hot & Spicy

What's up Kissables!!! On todays episode of The Kissable Night Podcast. Our special guest Shy Davis talk about Role play, talking dirty and BDSM.  Even though she wears many hats, but one of her expertise is sex. We delve into in to Foreplay and how important it is to get in the mood.  It is very important to be open to your partner and hear their sexual desires.  It doesn't necessary mean they want to step our side of your relationship, but it could men they would like to you do give or receive between you two. As expressed more then one time communication is key.  That seems to the be the underline them this season.  Let us know are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone for your partner? Comment below after listening to tonight's episode and let us know what you think.

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Sex expert, Shy Davis