The Importance of Dating Your Mate

What's up Kissable!!!  I hope that you have already listened to the Podcast, if not click here.  In this episode we talk about how it is important to date your mate. Most couples have busy lives because of their families, jobs, etc.  Intimate time with your significant other can sometime be hard to do. One tips would be to

-Schedule your date night (Get your free downloadable date night calendar when you join    out newsletter)

-Be open to thought provoking conversations. Try some new and step out of your comfort    zones.  Live a little on the edge...of the comfort zone that is. 

-Create more intimate moments.  Some examples would be to role play, sex games. etc.

These just a few things Jewelz and I discuss on the episode.  Be sure to listen and comment.  Keep the conversation going.  Thank you for you support.


-The Kissable Diva


Welcome to 2018!!!!

Hello there Kissables!!!

So happy you are here.  If have listened to the latest podcast "EP01|S02 Intro to Fire & Desire".  If not make sure to head over to iTunes, iHeartRadio, GooglePlay, or and take a listen to the Kissable Nights Podcast.  This is our second season and I cant wait for what is to come.  If you have looked over the website then you know we are everything Kissable.  The podcast is just one of many things that happens here.  There is so much more to come.  Make sure to join the Kissable Family by opting into the Kissable News letter (On our home page) . Im looking forward to all the comments answering the questions in the podcast episode that aired this evening.

What does romance mean to you?

Do you know what love language you speak?

Would you do a couples' vision board?

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-The Kissable Diva