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What to do while waiting on your mate.

Happy Sunday Kissabes!!

Today's show we have a listener choice question.  What are some things people can do while they are single to prepare for their husband/wife?

I thought this was a interesting question and very good one. Women are still out there looking for their Boaz and men are still looking for their virtuous woman. Truth is whatever expectations and value we want our future husbands/wives to have should mirrored.  We are who attract right? 

Some of the things I cover in tonight's podcast:

  • Getting to know yourself.
  • Digging deep in our belief systems.
  • Getting involved in our communities. (selflessness)
  • Being present/ Emotionally avaiable
  • Taking care of home.
  • Learning how to cook.
  • Financial Literacy
  • Conquering your insecurites.

Comment with tips, advice, or simply comment on what you think about tonights subject.

I found some awesome resources that share some great points ....

Resources Below:

Are you stressed in your Relationship?

What is up Kissables!  On this week's episode we discuss relationship stressors. How to recognize positive and negative stressors.  Examples of what they could be and how to deal with them in your relationship.  Our special guest is Dr. Tasha Russel, she is a Drive by Therapist that services the community.  

Dr. Latasha Russel.jpg

Drive by Therapist, Doctora Tasha